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This office is amazing!!! For years I hated going to the dentist but now I can't wait to keep going back! Lauren and Jessica are amazing!!! Thank you ladies!! Xoxo


Super friendly and non judgemental! I have depression and it often hinders my dental care. I went to Krause after not going to the dentist for over 4 years. The staff was incredibly friendly and didn't judge me for the poor care of my teeth. Instead, they gave me the tools to reverse the effects. Thank you! Forever and always a client.


Such a great staff at Krause Dental! Very thorough, and efficient every time I have been!


This was my first dentist visit in quite some time, and it was a great experience. Everyone was extremely nice, and the quality of their work was top notch.


Great place! My son felt right at home. The staff is excellent!


Best dental place hands down! The scheduling has been so flexible between getting my son and myself in. If I have to reschedule they are quick to get me a new appointment no problem! They took the time to explain all the work I needed done one on one!


I detest dentists, as momma would say, they are the devil. However, I actually really like these guys. It feels less like dying and going to hell and more like not dying but having to go to the dentist. The people are great at what they do and somehow manage to sustain a level of social conscious that is unheard of in any medical field. I like it


Krause Dental is fantastic! They helped me address all of my dental needs! Definitely recommend this office to everyone!!! Family friendly, clean, and professional!! 5 stars!!!!!


Best dental practice hands down!! I was very impressed the moment i scheduled my first appointment. I was able to get in as soon as possible and receive treatment the the same day. I really appreciate the convenience. ALL the girls were so kind and did an amazing job assisting from beginning to end. Dr. Krause was excellent! I highly recommend this office to anyone if you are in need of a new dentist.